Round 1 went down last Saturday with a serious list of Pro riders competing. It was a very close in the top 4 but Ben Wallace came of in 1st place and puts him in good standing for the championship. Round 2 is on the 16th of July in Shrewsbury.

1st Ben Wallace          Score 171      Points 25

2nd Pat Casey             Score 170.3  Points 20

3rd Brandon Dosch   Score 169.3 Points 16

4th Chris Doyle          Score 168.3  Points  13

5th James Jones        Score 166      Points 11

6th Jay Cowley           Score 165.3  Points 10

7th Liam Eltham        Score 162    Points 9

8th Declan Brooks     Score 160.6    Points 8

9th Ryan Taylor          Score 160       Points 7

10th Kye Forte            Score 157.6    Points 6

11th Jack Griffin           Score 155.3    Points 5

12th Tom Isted             Score 155.2     Points 4

13th Jacob Bailey         Score 155         Points 3

14th Del Shepherd       Score 153. 6    Points 2

15th Joe Symonds        Score 153.3     Points 1

16th Joe Baddeley        Score 153.3     Points 1

17th Kona Hellier         Score 152        Points 1

18th Matt Harris          Score 151         Points 1

19th Joe Parry              Score 150.6     Points 1

20th Ross Hatch          Score 150.3     Points 1

21st  Chris Smith         Score 148         Points 3



Amateur Results

It was awesome to see lots of younger lads get stuck in and session the jumps. It takes a lot to ride new jumps in front of cameras and lots of people. Here are the results and points for the AMs. The top 2 riders after round 2 will earn a place in the Lakefest Final. See you at Round 2.

1st Lawrey Herbert       Points 25

2nd Seth Murray          Points 20

3rd Alfie Hemming      Points 16

4th Mason Murray       Points  13

5th Zach Cooper           Points 11

6th Charlie Dormer     Points 10

7th David Guest            Points 9