Championship Standings


Pos Rider                          Points

1st  Brandon Dosch           29

2nd Anthony Napolitan   25

3rd  Ben Wallace               25

4th  Cory Bohan                20

5th Pat Casey                     20

6th Declan Brooks            19

7th Joe Baddeley              17

8th Chris Doyle                 13

9th Jack Griffin                 9

10th Jay Cowley                9

11th James Jones              9

12th Kane Mitchel            10

13th Del Shepherd            10

14th Joe Symonds             9

15th Kona Hellier              9



Pos    Rider               Points

1st     Seth Murray       45

2nd   Lawry Herbert   34

3rd    Alfie Hemming 27

4th    David Guest       22

5th    Zach Cooper       21

5th   Daniel Mann       20

6th   Martin Brown     16

7th   Mason Murray    13

8th  Charlie Dormer   10

 Round 2 Results

Round 2 PRO comp results.

1st Anthony Napolitan    Score 176.3   Points 25

2nd Corey Bohan             Score 176.1   Points 20

3rd Joe Baddeley             Score 172.6  Points 16

4th Brandon Dosch         Score 169.6  Points  13

5th Declan Brooks           Score 160.6  Points 11

6th Kane Mitchell            Score 152     Points 10

7th Joe Symonds              Score 152     Points 9

8th Kona Hellier              Score 143     Points 8

9th Del Shepherd             Score 140.6  Points 7

10th Jack Griffin              Score 138.6   Points 6

11th Chris Mole Smith    Score 135       Points 5

12th Baz Keep                   Score 134.6   Points 4

13th Andy Cameron        Score 128.3    Points 3

14th Matt Harris              Score 125.6    Points 2

15th   Jay Cowley             Score 124.5     Points 1


Round 2 Amateur Results


1st  Seth Murray         25

2rd Daniel Mann        20

3rd Martin Brown      16

4th David Guest          13

5th Alfie Hemming     11

6thZach Cooper          10

7th Lawry Herbert      9

Round 1 Pro Results

1st Ben Wallace          Score 171      Points 25

2nd Pat Casey             Score 170.3  Points 20

3rd Brandon Dosch   Score 169.3 Points 16

4th Chris Doyle          Score 168.3  Points  13

5th James Jones        Score 166      Points 11

6th Jay Cowley           Score 165.3  Points 10

7th Liam Eltham        Score 162    Points 9

8th Declan Brooks     Score 160.6    Points 8

9th Ryan Taylor          Score 160       Points 7

10th Kye Forte            Score 157.6    Points 6

11th Jack Griffin           Score 155.3    Points 5

12th Tom Isted             Score 155.2     Points 4

13th Jacob Bailey         Score 155         Points 3

14th Del Shepherd       Score 153. 6    Points 2

15th Joe Symonds        Score 153.3     Points 1

16th Joe Baddeley        Score 153.3     Points 1

17th Kona Hellier         Score 152        Points 1

18th Matt Harris          Score 151         Points 1

19th Joe Parry              Score 150.6     Points 1

20th Ross Hatch          Score 150.3     Points 1

21st  Chris Smith         Score 148         Points 3

Round 1 AM Results

1st Lawrey Herbert       Points 25

2nd Seth Murray          Points 20

3rd Alfie Hemming      Points 16

4th Mason Murray       Points  13

5th Zach Cooper           Points 11

6th Charlie Dormer     Points 10

7th David Guest            Points 9



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A BMX bike was born from the dirt, the reason Bicycle Motor Cross (BMX) exists is thanks to kids emulating there MX heroes on their own push bikes. Building home-made bikes from beach cruisers in 1970’s California & digging the dirt to create jumps and tracks, wanting to go fast & get airborne.

The UK BMX Dirt Series aims to put dirt back at the forefront of the world BMX scene by hosting 3 rounds to be held at existing and permanent UK trails. With a laid back jam atmosphere and hand crafted jumps, the riding will take centre stage. The AM contests will offer up and comers a place to shine and get noticed. Pro’s will have a place to show their tricks and prove their consistency.

Creating a series will give a place for Dirt riders from all over to gather and watch the best contest riding in the world on British soil. If you want to be part of it get involved and get entered!

Athlete Registration

For a chance to win prize money and an official UK ranking in Dirt, Park or Vert then you need to register online. Click below to register for both Pro or Amateur classes.

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Round 1: 2nd July

Round 1 kicks off at Aliano’s Trails Worcestershire.

Round 1 small

Event Details

Round 2: 16th July

Round to is hosted at Shrews BMX Trails, Shrewsbury!

Shrews Round 3

Event Details

Series Final 11-14th August Lakefest Festival!

Top 15 riders from the series join 5 international pros in one epic final.


More Info

2016 Dirt Series Results

2016 Dirt Series Overall Standings 1st Brandon Dosch 2nd Joe Baddeley 3rd Ben Wallace 4th Jay Cowley 5th Jack Griffin 6th Kona Hellier 7th Anthony Napolitan 8th Del Shepherd 9th Cory Bohan 10th Pat Casey 11th Declan Brooks 12th Andy Cameron 13th Chris Doyle 14th James...

2016 Dirt Series Round 2 Edit

Round 2 of the Dirt Series went down on the 16th of July at Shrews. Awesome trails with some of the best riders in the World check it out! Podium 1st Place: Anthony Napolitan 2nd Place: Cory Bohan 3rd Place: Joe Baddeley Full results...

Dirt Series Round 1 Edit

Round 1 Kicked off at the start of June at Aliano's trails in Worcestershire with a heavy list of Riders. The trails jam and opening round of the dirt series featured trails legends such as Martin Murray, Stephen Murray, Scott Edgworth and Matt Priest. Some guys from...

Dirt Round 1 Results

Round 1 went down last Saturday with a serious list of Pro riders competing. It was a very close in the top 4 but Ben Wallace came of in 1st place and puts him in good standing for the championship. Round 2 is on the 16th of July in Shrewsbury. 1st Ben Wallace        ...

Dirt Series Tickets on Sale!

Spectator tickets are now on sale for the Dirt Series rounds 1 and 2! A whole host of top international Pros will be there as well as BMX legend Stephen Murray. Due to council restrictions spectator tickets are limited so please buy tickets online to avoid...

Video – Episode 1: Behind the scenes

Episode 1 shines a light on Aliano trails, the location of the first round of the dirt series next month. Craig Teague and the locals get the jumps running for the first time this year and invite Joe Baddeley, Jack Griffen and James Done down for the session. Check it...

Video: Dirt Series Trailer!

It's here, get hyped and get registered for the UK official dirt series 2016.  Footage from Ryan Hallet, Rich Saunders, Eastnor Caste, Lakefest and David Guest. Edited by James Done. For a chance to win prize money and an official UK ranking in Dirt, Park or Vert then...

News: Dirt Round 2 Announced

Our 3rd Round of the Dirt Series is hosted at Shrews BMX trails in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. In there 4th year headed up by James Done the Shrews trails have become some of the UK's best BMX jumps. With over 30 lips in a huge field it makes the perfect spot for a...

News: Dirt Round 1 Announced

The very first round of the 2016 UK BMX Dirt series is being held at Jason Aliano's trails in Worcestershire. The dream backyard set up is having lots of mods right now getting it all dialled for Saturday the 2nd of July.  This also happens to be my local so it will...